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I have been playing music in bands more or less non-stop since since my high school years. My most recent project is a 'glam-rock glitterpop' band, the brainchild of Vanessa Reseland.

I met Vanessa in 2007, when I was producing The All-For-Nots. Vanessa, who was also a Penn State Theatre student but who didn't attend until the year after I graduated, auditioned for and won the role of Farrah. This meant she joined the actual performing band portion of the All-For-Nots, along with me on keyboards. Together we played around NYC, SXSW, and even the Jimmy Kimmel Show. After the dissolution of the band and the webseries in 2009, she and I stayed in touch and discussed the possibility of future music projects. This was realized in early 2012, when she decided to put together a full band to support her growing catalog of songs.

She brought on bassist Don Lieber and drummer Haim Peskoff. I was happy to bring on guitarist Niall Murphy, of my 2003-2008 band Infidels. We had our first show in May 2012 to strong reviews.

Now, Wifey is coming out with their first record. I have had to leave the band due to time constraints, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't love them any less. Check out some of the videos of Wifey's first performances. Check them out (here's our YouTube channel). It's a ton of fun and Vanessa (or Wifey, as people will inevitably come to call her) is a great performer.