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All's Faire is a webseries produced by Dinosaur Diorama. It debuted with nonsequential episodes in 2008 and a full 14-episode season in 2009. All's Faire was created by myself and Bob McClure, written by myself, McClure and Matt Yeager, and directed by myself and Johnny North. It starred Michael Pemberton, Trevor Jones, Letitia Lange, McClure, Yeager, myself, Jeff Skowron, Maryll Botula, Joe Thompson, Mike Still, Josephine Roberts, Mandy Bruno, Robert Bogue, David Chase and Rolls Andre.

All's Faire began life as early as 2003, when Bob McClure and I sat down to write a feature about the Renaissance Faire. After several years of tinkering and some interest by small production companies and independent producers, we heard that there was another feature comedy in pre-production about a Ren Faire. We decided we would plant the flag and be the first out with a Ren Faire comedy.

We launched several short episodes in 2008, right on the heels of the launch of The All-For-Nots. These were well received critically. From there we planned the shoot of a full feature-length season in 2009.

We partnered with the Midsummer Renaissance Faire in Pennsylvania, and the New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom. Both faires happily contributed their costumes, sets and people to the cause. The end result was a series that developed a relatively small but intensely passionate audience. The Renaissance community embraced the show and helped it grow. It got noteworthy attention from the mainstream webseries community as well, being nominated for Streamy Awards for Best Ensemble and Best Music, and for the first Writer's Guild Award for Internet Writing.

The full series can be watched at