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Fail to the Chief is my bimonthly podcast dedicated to the lovable losers of presidential history. Each episode digs into the man's history, the reasons why he was nominated, how and why he lost, and takes a step into the fantastical to wonder how history might have been different had he won.

I'm primarily going in chronological order, although every once in a while I will be stepping out of bounds - like for Martin Luther King day when I jumped out of order and did Gov. George Wallace in 1968.

Take a listen, even if you're not a history nerd. Subscribe on iTunes here, and enjoy!

Or listen to episodes below:

George Wallace, rabid segregationist and first candidate of the American Independent Party.

Aaron Burr, the very first loser (1800) and potentially our first Supervillain President.

Rufus King, well-meaning anti-slavery Loser who might have led to the nation splitting into multiple nations.