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In 2012, San Francisco game company Pocketgems approached me to help them develop a platform for a new format in mobile games: interactive storytelling. Think a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure in visual format, or a soap opera that changes based on your choices, or an addictive app like Farmville, but with a story attached. It seemed like a great opportunity.

In 2013 we brought to the Canadian and UK markets the first installment of 'Episode Interactive': a game called Campus Crush, based on a sorority-building game Pocketgems had released the previous year. We wrote and programmed 100 episodes of the story, in which you play a freshman sorority pledge who uncovers a strange conspiracy involving the school, her friends and boyfriends, and possibly even her own history.

Now in 2014, Episode Interactive has launched to the public in the U.S. You can go there now to try out any of the games available on the platform. Or, contact them to write your own. Currently, I am working with them on another game, built off of an original screenplay of mine.

Even if a sorority-based game is not up your alley, I am very proud to have participated in the creation of a new medium in mobile interactive storytelling, and I'm very excited to see what develops in this space.

Check out Episode Interactive by Pocketgems.